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Beach Party by Norithics

"Partners" is a story written by furry artist-author Norithics . Set in a far-distant future called the 'post-splice' era, humans have taken on animal characteristics. Society is different - more accepting, healthier, peaceful.

But adventure still awaits the brave, even in a Utopia, and the world's youth can still be heroes. When aliens invade the city of Locksmouth, Natalie Grayswift will tap into all the heroism she learned from her best teacher: old comic books! 


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Everything Partners!

This wiki will be used as both a reader reference for everything Partners  as well as a tool for anyone looking to contribute to the expanding Partners universe!

Warning: This wiki contains information on various central plot points within the Partners story! Articles will reveal information that may appear much later in the story than a reader is familiar with. For a spoiler-free experience, it is recommended that users read the story FIRST before reading too far into the wiki's articles. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Articles will contain information that has been revealed in-story as well as some supplemental background information unrelated to issues yet to be released.

To read Partners, find it on Norithics' Inkbunny here !

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