Abigail Condoleezza
Full name Abigail Condoleezza
Nickname(s) Abby
Age 16
Species Human
Sub-Species Jellyfish
Gender Female
Residence Harbington
Occupation High School Student
First appearance Harbington Heroes, Issue 25: Motive
Creator Milkie
Packmates Jimmy Ret

Lincoln Mudd

Relatives Charles Condoleezza (Father)

Katelynn Condoleezza (Mother) Mia Condoleezza (Sister) Zac Condoleezza (Brother)

Inkling Kinex
Physical attributes
Height 5'6"
Powers & Abilities
Skills Free-moving tentacles, non-lethal paralytic venom, bio-luminescence, chromatic camouflage
Inked Limb Detachment & Reattachment

Abigail Condoleezza is a fan-character created by Milkie, and first appeared in Harbington Heroes.


Abigail is believed to be the first-born to Clan-Breeding parents, but in reality is a result of dedicated eugenics research. While her parents are still considered Clan-Breeders by the public, their methods and philosophy differ from the more natural approach of most others. Charles and Katelynn Condoleezza are not her biological parents, but instead scientists belonging to a research group who call themselves the Alwin Research Group, named after a researcher who sought to discover the secrets to what they call the "Unity Gene," theorized to be a genetic binding agent created by Dr. Leonard Chu that made the Splice possible.

Through extensive and exhaustive experiments, Abigail and several other children were lab-grown and later placed in-utero to be born with as few genetic defects as possible, as a means of combating the sterilization responsible for Earth's population shortage. In addition to this goal, they attempted to build hybrid beings piecemeal via their DNA, ones with numerous evolutionary advantages similar to those found in the animal kingdom. When Abigail was born, hopes were that she would prove to be the most successful attempt to date; however, the results came up short. Some of her mutations developed abnormally and her genes were unstable, making her the best attempt, but nothing near a success.

Abigail's failure was cemented the day she was born suffering from Wostyl’s Syndrome. Despite managing to be cured of the condition, success hinged on her not developing the disease at all. She became just another stepping stone on the path of her parents' research, and the prospects of her being genetically compatible with others were shot.

Although she was considered a failure, several aspects of Abigail's biology were successfully enhanced and altered to grant her a clear advantage over the layman. Her parents strove to make the best use of her, taking DNA samples and genetic material from her to continue their research. Abigail's unique physiology would act as a test-bed for future experiments, but she herself was regarded unfavourably, as every successful mutation was coupled with a failure. While her sustainability and resistance to disease were uncanny, her potential sterilization and failed mutations meant breeding was impossible.

From then on, her parents' biggest concerns regarding her growth and development became how her genes would carry on, either by natural reproduction or using her as a baseline for further eugenics experiments. They neglected her social development in favour of grooming her to be an ideal mate - but only with those hand-picked by Alwin, in hopes that she remained compatible with other subjects like herself. As she aged, she grew to resent her parents and peers who treated her as a tool for their grandiose goals, and began acting out in any way she could. Eventually it was decided that she was to be taken out of Alwin's facilities and instead live in Harbington, where they hoped she would find things more agreeable while her parents continued using her for research. Unfortunately, her parents never stopped raising her based on exclusionary principles, her resentment for them continued to grow, and she became the black sheep of yet another home.

Abigail became increasingly despondent as her needs were so often ignored. She failed to get along with other children - something enforced by her parents, who didn't want her fraternizing with "normal folk," which risked "tainting her genes." Her efforts to rebel against her parents saw her getting into near-constant trouble, something they weren't prepared to deal with. When gentle methods failed to dissuade her, more active disciplinary actions were taken. Her parents would shout her down, ground her, and even strike her if she got too far out of line, resulting in her closing herself off from everyone. It was upon meeting Jimmy Ret for the first time that she found somewhere agreeable to her - it also helped that Ret's poor reputation as a problem child was something her parents disliked, and so she fell in with him to spite them.

Abigail spent her days going out of her way to cause problems for her parents, sabotaging their efforts to arrange "mates" for her, and being a nuisance to the public. She had been told all her life that she was "special" and "different," but she saw these traits and their impact on her life as negative. She downplayed any and all attributes that put her "above" others, and in fact chose to put herself "beneath" them. As a mischievous trouble-maker, a bully, and incredibly self-destructive, no one looked up to her as an example of superiority. While this intense over-correction inflicted harm on her social and educational prospects, she reveled in being undesirable. To everyone but her parents, she wasn't "different," she wasn't "special." She was anything but. She wore loose clothing to hide her body, which she saw as disgusting and shameful. She whittled down her outward personality until every aspect of her ranged from uninteresting to actively despised. She shed all sense of expectation and quashed it wherever possible. Very few would ever discover her secrets, and even fewer cared to learn them.

Eventually, her parents adopted two more children from Alwin, and they soon treated Abigail as an afterthought - something she secretly, if unknowingly hated them for despite it seeming to be her goal. She received no attention if she wasn't causing trouble, and so she caused more trouble than ever before. Her only interactions with her parents became getting scolded, hit, and grounded. Often in that order. She never told anyone about her home life, not wanting to be treated as "special" out of pity. She never made a scene, and eventually ceased to express herself in any meaningful way altogether. Coming to the realization that she could do nothing without exposing herself to an uncomfortable reality, she stopped trying to even save herself.

The Locksmouth Incident

It was pure chance that saw everything turn on its head when she took an extended vacation in Locksmouth to escape her parents' sudden interest in arranging a marriage for her after several years of avoiding the topic. She was present during the Locksmouth Incident, where she found herself taken by an Inkling named Kinex. Locking herself inside someone else's apartment, she quickly realized that her new Elite Inkling powers of limb and extremity removal were beyond extraordinary and bizarre. On top of that, Kinex had little interest in hiding itself and its violent streak from the world, causing Abigail to desperately attempt to suppress it. As time went on, her attitude became further influenced by the Inkling, forcing her to face her worst nightmare in standing out and being recognized no matter how much she desired otherwise.

Harbington Heroes

Abigail managed to keep control of things for some time, but when Epheral landed in Harbington and began her invasion, she was trapped in the high school and overwhelmed by Epheral's constructs. She was literally broken apart and scattered around the school, shattering her ability to hide Kinex's nature from others. The presence of Inklings and strange alien powers started to become commonplace, so individuals like Jimmy Ret, Lincoln Mudd, and Daxton Kemberge didn't react extremely to her powers, but those who feared the alien menace began regarding her with greater disdain.

As if by instinct, and undoubtedly at Kinex's influence, Abigail began to act out anew in defiance of those who shone a spotlight on her. Her methods became morbid, often detaching her own head or hands in the presence of others to shock them, completely foregoing any sense of subtlety to aggressively keep people away. Her antics were quickly overshadowed by the acts of Quincey Abram, but she couldn't stop herself from carrying on that way while Kinex's voice grew louder in her mind by the day. Be it by her practiced stoicism or otherwise, she managed to avoid causing an incident of her own.

When Epheral was defeated, Abigail had long been outed as an Inkling host. She retreated into the familiar role of being quiet and resented, happy to let Ret and Lincoln stand between her and those of anti-Inkling sentiment. All the while, Kinex's attempts at coaxing her to let loose and really show people what she was capable of grew louder and more aggressive. This became increasingly hard to ignore, as Abigail's parents' scientific interest in her returned in force when they learned she hosted an Inkling, exasperating their already strained relationship.


Abigail's personality is outwardly deadpan. She has tailored herself to not react to people or situations around her, as it helped her deal with her parents' abuse and keep others at arm's length. By not getting upset or reacting, she wrested a level of control over herself that she clings to. She casually breaks rules and faces down authority figures with little more than a shrug and a bored stare. Given that her voice is somewhat nasally, and her inflections are somewhat monotonous, her attitude is easily framed as off-putting.

However, she is not completely without feeling. She keeps her true feelings close to her chest, and can suffer rare moments where her facade slips. When this happens, her deformed mutations can act up, causing her to panic and act desperately to smother her feelings again. In these instances, she will act very adverse to interacting with others. She will aggressively dissuade people from looking at, touching, or even speaking with her until she can get a handle on herself again. If she lacks any means of escape, she will become manic.

With this aside, she reacts to many situations with dry sarcasm masking oddly-timed and often inappropriate humor. She is insistent on living by her own terms, doing whatever she wants whenever she wants to do it. The pranks she often pulls with her packmates are often excused by her as being "just for a little fun." She will lie, cheat, and steal if it suits her. Rarely, she will display remorse over her actions if they happen to go further than she had intended. Secretly, she wishes her life and her relationship with her parents were different, and can be vulnerable to the judgement of others too stubborn to be scared off.


Having been genetically altered, Abigail can be considered a "mutant," even by post-splice standards. She bears a genetic mix of several aquatic sub-species with the express purpose of giving her several abilities to place her as a superior human being above others. However, not all of her abilities perform perfectly.

Being predominantly Box Jellyfish, her form is jelly-like and malleable to some small degree. Her jelly box cap can be grown and styled similar to human hair. The tentacles that grow from beneath her box cap bear spaded tips thanks to squid DNA, and she is able to move them independently of her other limbs. Small barbs on their surface contain a weak paralytic venom originally meant to act as a strong defense mechanism. It is instead generally harmless to humans beyond causing a localized, numb, tingling sensation on contact.

Her body contains a unique luciferin and luciferase, granting her dim bio-luminescence - though the organ responsible for creating these enzymes is her heart. This restricts her luminescence to her cardiovascular system, causing her veins and heart to glow. She is unable to control this, and it often activates when she is under great amounts of stress.

Being part Cuttlefish grants her the ability to manipulate her pigmentation to serve as camouflage, which she can perform at-will. Her regenerative abilities are above-average, allowing her to recover from injuries more easily than most (an ability held by many under-sea creatures). Some of her bodily nutrition is even subsisted off a weak form of photosynthesis, allowing her to prolong her life in the event of hunger (an ability of the Sea Slug). None of these abilities could be considered super-human, rather they serve to set her above the average post-splice human, even those gifted with similar strengths by nature.

With her Inkling, Kinex, she is granted the ability to seamlessly and harmlessly detach parts of her body - from limbs like arms and legs, to even her own head, or separating her torso from her lower body. She also has the ability to pull these parts back together within a certain proximity. This ability also extends to other beings, allowing her to remove parts of other people without any pain or damage, and reattach them just the same.

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